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The Sun Breaks Through

Title:the sun breaks through, originally written for kh_drabblehallenge 299, Birthday
Word Count536
Notes:have bitty!Kairi and bitty!selphie friendshi drabble. Also, it’s my personal head-canon that Matron fro FF VIII is the one who Kairi lives with on the islands, for any of those wh are like “omgwtfbbq?” Also, has a song and finally, thanks to mine beta lettersandliarsto fixing this when my eyes decided they didn't want to work. Any remaining errors are solely mine, Con-crit welcome and appreciated ♥

Kairi has been in this strange place of sand-and-sea-and-sky for exactly three months, two weeks, and four days. She’s watched Matron marks on the calendar every day; a red X over each square that's earned Kairi tight smiles caught between affection and concern. She feels it in her bones and in her lungs and in her heart,the way the brine is settling into her; this place is becoming part of her.

The house Matron brings her to is full of half-familiar faces that Kairi can almost name. Matron presses a brightly wrapped package into her hand and a kiss against her hair. "Have fun," she says. "I'll be back at the end of the party to pick you up, okay?"

Kairi nods like she knows what's going on. She watches Matron leave, the only still child in a sea of motion.

There is a squeal and someone is suddenly attached to Kairi. Selphie, she says the name to herself. Selphie, the girl with the bright eyes and kind smile.

"You're here, you're here, you're here!" squeaks Selphie, still wrapped around Kairi's form. "I knew you would be but then I was worried you wouldn't be but it's okay because you're here now!"

Kairi manages to fit her smile into place, and even find a bubble of genuine excitement in the warm embrace of Selphie. "I am!"

Selphie tugs her forward, barely avoiding a collision with two boys – Kairi recognizes them in a disconnected way, says their names under her breath -Sora, Riku-and listens as Selphie insists they simply must get Kairi a hat.

“For what?”

“It’s a birthday party, silly! You have to have a hat,” Selphie giggles.

Kairi doesn’t mean to, she really, honestly doesn’t mean to, but she cries. It hits her quietly; blinks once, twice, and on the third time her vision blurs and there’s that familiar knot in her throat that won’t let her swallow and then she has to let go of Selphie’s hand to wipe at her eyes.

The yard goes quiet around them. Selphie touches her shoulder hesitantly. “Kairi?”

“I can’t,” she chokes out. “I can’t remember mine. I can’t remember anything.”

Someone calls out, “Group hug!” and just like that, she’s surrounded and warm and comforted.

“It’s okay,” says Selphie. “C’mon and see.” She holds Kairi’s hand again, heedless of the damp state it’s in and drags her forward, the entourage of children following reverently behind.

There is a cake on a table. It’s a huge rectangular thing, covered in a bouquet of buttercream flowers – pink and yellow daisies. Selphie has to all but drag Kairi onto a chair so she can read the words written in the center of the cake.

Happy Birthday Selphie and Kairi!

“Mama said you don’t have to celebrate your birthday on your birthday, that you can have it whenever. So, if you want, you can share my birthday with me!”

Kairi throws herself at Selphie, the previous shadow of sadness completely forgotten in this bright, warm light of friendship. “Yes! Yes, of course!”

(After, long after her memories have floated back to her in bits and threads, Kairi still chooses to have her birthday with Selphie.)

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